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Mother of the Gut - Matricaria recutita Apothecaries' OR German chamomile) EO.

The German chamomile essential oil (Matricaria recutita) contains chamazulene, a smoky smelling compound.

German (apothecaries) chamomile essential oil's beautiful blue colour depends on the amount of chamazulene present and how it was distilled.

Chamazulene gives to essential oil of German chamomile beautiful blue colour.

Fresh flowers of German chamomile do not contain chamazulene, but chamazulene is produced during distillation.

Chamazulene has antiviral and anti-infective properties.

In addition, it may help with abdominal colic, digestive upsets, and diarrhoea.

A number of terpenoids, including the terpenoids bisabolol and its oxide azulenes, such as chamazulene and acetylene, additionally contribute to the therapeutic effects of the German chamomile essential oil.

If you soak fresh whole herb with chamomile flowers in drinking water for a couple of hours, a few volatile / essential oils can be extracted in the water.

Dried flowers also can be soaked in drinking water and that is how in Roman, Greek and medieval times herbal lemonades were made.

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