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Welcome to NatashaHealth Holistic Wellness Hub!

At Natasha's Holistic Wellness Hub, we believe that everyone deserves access to the healing power of herbal medicine, especially during challenging times. Our commitment to making herbal medicine accessible to all is reflected in our option-based pricing designed to accommodate various needs and budgets.

Our Basic option, priced at £40 for a one-hour consultation, is an excellent starting point for those seeking expert guidance on herbal remedies. This option focuses solely on the consultation aspect, ensuring personalized attention and expert advice tailored to your health concerns. While herbal medicine is not included in this option, it provides a valuable opportunity to explore the benefits of herbal therapies.

For those looking for a more comprehensive experience, our Standard option offers a thorough assessment with the added benefit of pulse analysis. Priced at £80 for a one-hour session, this option includes a herbal tea to enhance your consultation experience. While additional herbal medicine is not included, this option provides valuable insights and recommendations based on pulse analysis, setting the foundation for a holistic approach to wellness.

For individuals seeking a premium level of care and customization, our Premium option is priced at £120 for a one-hour consultation. This option includes a comprehensive consultation, pulse analysis with a detailed written report, and one herbal remedy tailored to your needs. Whether it's a tincture, herbal capsules, a skin cream, or another herbal preparation, your premium consultation includes a follow-up 30-minute session to ensure your treatment plan is optimized for your unique health goals.

Through the pulse analysis test, we will identify your body's constitutional type, assess energy deficiencies in your body systems, examine pathological tendencies in different systems, evaluate the expression of inflammatory genes, and determine the degree of health risks—ranging from low to very high, among other factors. Once you commence your treatment, we will closely monitor your body's response throughout the therapeutic process via your pulse analysis.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality care and expert guidance to support your journey to wellness. Join us in embracing the power of herbal medicine and take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant life.

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