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Consultations, bespoke herbal medicine, nutritional guidance, herbal medicine making classes, retreats and detox programs - a path to natural healing.


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Video call or in Eastbourne. Will discuss detailed health history, main symptoms and/or principal goals, tests. Together will draw up a realistic diet and lifestyle plan for you to follow. The main objective is to identify and eliminate the causes.


Duration and costs

Initial  1 hour £120, includes bespoke herbal medicine 4 weeks worth, nutritional guidance and ongoing support. 

Follow-up 30 min £80,

includes 4 weeks worth herbal remedies.

Prescription repeat £55 for 4 weeks. 


Herbal Apothecary

Herbal medicine in my herbal apothecary is  for people who do not have major health issues but would like to have an additional support for their health. If you would like to take some of remedies from my herbal apothecary and have some questions, pls send me an enquiry.  

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