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Functional Medicine & Tests

As part of my MSc studies in herbal medicine, I delved into the principles and applications of functional medicine. This comprehensive exploration allowed me to integrate the holistic principles of functional medicine into my practice, enhancing my ability to address health concerns at their root causes and provide personalized, effective solutions for optimal well-being.

Functional tests are diagnostic tools that analyse the body's physiological functions, providing insights into underlying imbalances and potential health issues. These tests go beyond conventional diagnostics, offering a comprehensive understanding of an individual's health at a functional level.  

Functional Testing Options at My Clinic

Comprehensive Hormone Panels

  • Evaluating hormone levels related to reproductive, thyroid, and adrenal health can be beneficial in identifying and understanding the underlying causes of infertility female and male, symptoms during menopause, digestive issues, autoimmune and other health conditions.

Human Microbiome Testing

  • The human microbiome plays vital roles in food digestion, immune and nervous system regulation, protection against harmful bacteria and pathogens, which cause disease, and contributes to the production of vitamins and enzymes. 

  • Several tests availible for oral, vaginal and rectal microbiota. Each test can help to identify  hidden triggers in your issues with health. 

Food Sensitivity Testing

  • Food sensitivity testing is recommended for cases involving persistent allergies, unexplained skin disorders, autoimmune conditions, recurrent miscarriage, and rheumatic conditions.

  • This testing helps identify potential food triggers that may contribute to inflammation, digestive discomfort or auto-immune condition.

My clinic provides access to various functional tests, and while I don't conduct the tests myself, I am proficient in interpreting and evaluating the results.

These are some examples of tests availible at my clinic for you.

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