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More about Natasha

Welcome to my internet pages and thank you for taking the time to visit. All aspects of herbalism appeal to me, from walking in a field and admiring the beautiful flowers to making herbal remedies for my patients. Many times in my life, medicinal herbs have been trusted friends who never let me down. 

In the world any culture has always valued medicinal herbs. The truth is that those who claim never to have tried medicinal herbs may be misled if they drink coffee or tea, which were used medicinally before becoming popular beverages.

I would like to invite you on a wonderful journey through the world of medicinal herbs, and I hope they also will become your trusted friends.

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About me

Daily rush, noise, air pollution, time pressure, pressure at work, fast food, coffee, no weekends and stress – these are just some of the parts of urban living that can ruin our health.

Living in a big city, I have experienced many of the above, when I arrived in London I enjoyed good health, but within a few years I started experiencing a permanent, killing, crippling pain in my spine. The pain accompanied crushing fatigue, all day and night.

Following a series of tests and scans, at young age I was prescribed steroid hormones and told I would need them for the rest of my life. I was also told not to exercise or partake in sports. I did not receive any logical explanation for the symptoms I was experiencing.

Luckily, when I was a child, I witnessed how my mother cured herself of a terminal illness with healing herbs, fasting, veg juices, detoxification, and dieting, so I wasn't unfamiliar with holistic medicine. Moreover, my granny was a village healer, her mother and grandmother were too. She wanted me to become a healer, but I never liked that idea.

So, when I was prescribed steroids for pain management, I understood that it was a call for me to heal myself, then help others. My decision was to return to my roots and study evidence based holistic approach to human health. I studied Naturopathic Nutrition at College of Naturopathic Medicine and then herbal medicine in the University of Middlesex. MDX was the first world university that more than 20 years ago started teaching herbal medicine on a degree level. 


My current experience in both holistic and evidence-based medicine spans over many years since my early childhood. Natural medicine and therapies are non invasive, they are inspiring, natural, humanistic and empowering. 

Over the course of my life, herbalism became my profession closely woven into the holistic traditions of wise women and men. Whatever you call it, herbalism, medical herbalism, phytotherapy, plant medicine, botanical medicine - that is what can connect you to your roots, and I believe starting that journey is never too late.


If you are looking for new and exciting opportunity to improve your health. Let's connect. T: +44 (0) 75 858 49077 

Due to my busy schedule, email is the better option

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