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Welcome to Your Microbiome Rehab Program!

Medicinal herbs serve as prebiotics and probiotics, nurturing beneficial microorganisms in the body and supporting overall health. Recent research emphasizes the connection between various diseases, including depression, arthritis, auto-immune conditions, hormonal changes, infertility, and premature birth, with the human microbiome, highlighting the importance of microbiome balance in health.

In Brief About Microbiome Rehab Program

To identify harmful and unfriendly species in your microbiome, we require the results of a special test, which I can direct you to. I collaborate with several  laboratories that analyse oral, vaginal, and rectal microbiome.


After receiving test results, I can offer you a personalized treatment plan, including bespoke herbal remedies. In addition to standard herbal medicine, I also create unique vaginal pessaries and rectal suppositories, made from herbal extracts. 


Assisting your body in restoring a healthy microbiome can be beneficial for issues such as conceiving, menopause, andropause, recurrent cystitis or urethritis, candida, haemorrhoids, depression, auto-immune conditions, and other issues.


The evolving science of the human microbiome reveals astonishing facts comparable to the discovery of a new continent.

Please contact me via email through the Contact link for availability inquiries.

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