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Herbal medicine, Nutrition, Massage & Yoga can help with hair growth!

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Do you know that hair health and hair growth can be improved with healing plants, nutrition, massage and yoga?

In Herbal medicine and Nutrition, we use a variety of medicinal herbs and supplements in different forms which can help you to achieve better hair health. In herbal medicine there are lots of different medicinal herbs which are used traditionally for improving health of hear.

Horsetail plant is one of many medicinal plants which we use in our herbal remedies. It even looks like thick and strong hair.

This herb can be cooked as a very concentrated tea and used in hair masks to support elasticity of the hair. Decoction of horsetail can be put in a sprayer bottle and sprayed over washed hair before using hair dryer. That can protect your hair from becoming too dry and fragile.

Horsetail Naturally Is Rich In Silica.

Additionally, to that you can use such therapies as massage and Yoga!

Scientific research shows us that massage promotes activity of skin cells responsible for skin cells metabolism, elasticity and skin thickness. There are special asanas in Yoga and Yoga effect was also confirmed by scientific studies! Downward Dog Asana is one of those that are good for hair growth and health.

You may ask why? Simply bcs it brings more blood to the head, and with that nutrition, oxygen, bringing back from the scalp products of hair cells metabolism.

So, some very complicated issues can be simply solved, if to look and learn from Mother Nature!

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