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Basis of Good Health

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

How many on the following 100% do you have?

- Clean and fresh air

- Healthy mental environment in which you live

- Food free from chemicals

- Appropriate environment of your dwelling

- Occupation which you like

- Access to your hobbies

How many from above you could improve? Here are some tips.

Prepare for spring in winter and plan your vegetables garden in winter! If you never tried to grow, there are plenty of educational resources. Start learning now and growing in spring!

Start with tomatoes, cucumbers and spring onion.

They are very easy to grow. and they grow good outside in a sunny spot or inside a green house. Sprouted tomatoes and cucumbers are availible from supermarkets and garden centres in spring. Onion can be planed from that onion which you use in cooking or can also be purchased from garden centres.

It usually takes about a month after tomatoes and cucumbers start flowering, to pick them ripe. If weather is very good, it takes even less time. Onion sprouts when planted apprx. in 2 weeks depending on weather.

And what is very important, scientists discovered that just simply touching soil with hands supports human microbiome.

So, if you will start growing some of your vegs, not only organic vegs will be in your salad but also your body's microbiome can improve and with that your health in general.

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