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Like sunflower seeds...

A colleague and I were talking the other day, and I thought that herbal medicine exists in UK only because herbalists practice it.

Herbal medicine would not exist in UK and many other countries without herbalists practicing, teaching and talking about it.

Herbalist is not a ready-made job; those who have ever studied it have spent their time on something that may fail to feed them in the long run.

I through how much one really has to love nature and world of plants to embark on this amazing journey, which not only helps you understand energy, nature, and sometimes to some of us the language of plants, but also allows you to put it all into practice for the sake of healing oneself and others.

Programs that were offered by universities are now closed, and we are practically not sponsored by the state. In a vast field of sunflowers, each is unique, each growing from a tiny seed, each brings back these seeds to the field each year.

These seeds are like the knowledge of herbal medicine, they always were and will be because it is not possible to cancel Nature.

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