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SUN-kissed OR a Little story of WILD ROSE

Since antiquity were glorified and loved not only by poets and artist but also by apothecaries and cooks. Has many varieties and names: wild rose, rose hips, apothecary’s rose, Rosa canina (Latin).

Can be found in forests, scrubland, fields and hedges. Thorny as most roses, very delicate and fragile petals, has more delicate scent than the garden roses. Endless list of formulations and recipes in wine making, perfumery, confectionery - rose drops, crystallised rose petals and rose candies, rose wine, rose petals jelly and jam, rose honey, filling for tarts.

In herbal medicine we use rose hips in our medicinal syrups, tea, extracts including tincture, creams and other preparations. One of the best sources of vitamin C, 50% more than in oranges and less sugars, what makes it most healthy source of vit. C. Doctors and apothecaries of antiquity said that rose hips are marvellous cure for chest complains.

Colour and shades of the petals are as beautiful as morning sun rise. Colours of berries are as bright red as the sun sets. Autumn transforms beautiful fragile deep pink roses into bright red berries, which survive winter storms.

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