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First Antibiotic Was Made by Bees from Healing Plants

Propolis and honey are the first antibiotics and their production is as old as world itself. They are made by bees from nectar of different plants. If there wouldn't be plants, we wouldn't know about honey.

Honey and propolis are as old as the world itself.

Bees collect nectar and transfer it to honey as they need honey as their food during long and cold seasons.

Propolis is a glue like substance which bees use as a sealant for unwanted open gaps and to insulate hive during rain and cold.

Both, honey and propolis have antibiotics properties. Human ancestors used them for haling and for making different medicinal remedies.

At we can offer you bespoke herbal medicine made with medicinal herbs, honey and propolis.

These herbal remedies can be helpful for people who are prone to colds and flu.

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