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Drink herbal tea with your feet!

When weather is cold, windy and grey, drinking with feet could make things brighter!

Research published in the American Journal of Public Health examined how chemicals found in drinking water are absorbed through the skin. A study showed that 64% of total contaminants from water were absorbed through the skin. That means compounds found in foot soaks can penetrate through skin.

Foot soaks made with herbs can be beautiful solution during weather madness.

Barberry contains a wide range of other compounds apart from alkaloids By the way caffeine from coffee is also an alkaloid, and when isolated from coffee can be very dangerous and harmful.

It is not necessary to prepare and wait before herbs will be delivered. Having good quality black tea, lemon, ginger, mint tea, chamomile, rosemary - can all go into the feet soak tea. Healing plants growing in the garden also can be thrown in to the feet tea; rosemary and organum as an example. But do not make feet soak with coffee as it is not best botanical for relaxing feet bath.


handful of herbs per 1L of water on little fire for 30 minutes, pour together with botanicals to the bucket, add some cold water, so to make temperature comfortable, not cold and not boiling. A few drops of Lavender essential oil can be a good addition.

Soak feet and massage with herbs, bath can be taken for 30 min before going to bed.

If one would like to feel like in a spa, gentle massage of feet with aromatic cream could be a cherry on a cake after this bath.

By the way, on feet there are many acupuncture and acupressure points. Feet soak can gently activate those points while beautiful herbal tea nourishes and support.

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