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Culture of medicinal herbs is as old as Otzi the Iceman

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Otzi the Iceman is the oldest mummy found in Europe, age of mummy 5200 years, in Alps, border between Switzerland and Italy. Period of life, the Copper Age, at high altitudes where the snow is all year round.

Medicinal herbs which we use now in Western herbal medicine for treatments of gastro-intestinal ailments were found in his stomach and in tattoos. One of herbs discovered in these tattoos is Wormwood, and it was used in a very skilled manner.

His tattoos resemble TCM acupuncture points and that man was of European origin

And at the time they had no airplanes, so he couldn’t fly to China to have his tattoos done. Wormwood (Artemisia vulgaris) on photo, one of herbs ash of what was found in tattoos of Otzi the Iceman.

This discovery brings many questions, including why a man who lived in Europe in the Cooper Age had tattoos made over his body in a pattern of Chinese acupuncture points. So, where in fact acupuncture came from? Was in practiced in the Cooper Age Europe?

Acupuncture points on Otzi the Iceman were filled with a mixture of burned medicinal herbs, including wormwood. Moxibustion is another practice in Chinese medicine and it possibly was used for Otzi the Iceman treatment. Who was that skilled the Cooper Age doctor?

Most possibly that was a shaman as at that time use of herbs was integrated in to a spiritual medicine. So, there are lots of questions.

By the way descendants of Otzi the Iceman are still around in our modern world and at least 19 of them living in Austria.

So, Otzi the Iceman is not an alien, he was human, Europea, lived thousands of years ago and probably knew about healing properties of medicinal herbs.

And we use wormwood in herbal medicine including for treating from parasites. In Otzi gut were found a variety of different gut parasites and other findings revealed that Otzi very possibly suffered from parasites

Isn't it a wonder that wormwood which we use in modern herbal medicine also was used more than 5000 years ago and in that skilled manner thought acupuncture points marked as tattoos by burned in coal medicinal herbs?!

Who was that skilled ancient healer? Although we do not have an answer on that question, findings show us that medicinal herbs were used by humans long ago pre-historic times...

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