Qualified  in Western Medical Herbalism (MSc) Middlesex University; Naturopathic Nutrition (PGDip) College of Naturopathic Medicine,  more than thirty years experience in herbal and holistic medicine.

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Dear Guest,

My journey in the world of healing plants began more than thirty years ago in Latvia in my early childhood and it grew in real passion and profession. I am qualified with Master of Science in Herbal Medicine from the University of Middlesex, London.  I studied West European, Chinese, Ayrvedic, North American herbal medicine. I can offer you a twist of traditional herbal healing backed by Modern Evidence Based Herbal Medicine. I am a Medical Herbalist and a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. 

I also studied Naturopathy and Nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, London and I'm graduated with PGDiploma in Nutrition. I use nutritional science and naturopathy in my practice as that helps me a lot when I devise treatment plans for my patients. 

My approach is twisted with Endobiogenic Medicine, which on level of the latest scientific clinical evidence, explores psychosomatic disorders.  Psychosomatic disorders are those that were fueled and triggered by stress, and developed further. Some of a few examples are multiple sclerosis, asthma, psoriasis, endometriosis, PCOS, obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, IBS, Crohn's, different autoimmune disorders, and atherosclerosis and other.  Endobiogenic Medicine was conceived in France by Dr. Christian Duraffourd and was further developed by Dr. Lapraz.

I can offer you a test which is based on a unique phenomena, name of which is Heart Rate Variability (HRV). More than 10 years ago I helped one of developers of Heart Rate Variability scanner  "VedaPulse", to bring it from Russia to English speaking world. At that time HRV was not popular or well known .  Working for many years with Heart Rate Variability I see how mind and stress are interconnected. Primary HRV was developed in USSR for determining the most suitable man for a space flight, and it was Yuri Gagarin.  HRV test can show level of stress, total power in the body as well as body's reaction to different medicine and progress of a treatment. 

Medical Herbalism, Endobiogenic Medicine, Nutrition, they are all empowering, therapeutic and deeply humanistic. They do not separate a human being from the roots, by which we all evolved, developed  and survived through millennia.  Those roots are called Mother Nature and every living one evolved from them. I run my practice in London but because of current situation with covid-19 online consultations are the only option at the moment. If you are interested in humanistic and holistic treatment please book your consultation via Contact us page. 

Best wishes,

Natasha Kazarina


Practicing Medical Herbalist, member of National Institute of Medical Herbalists