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Meet Natasha Kazarina

Medical Herbalist, MSc in Herbal Medicine
Naturopathic Nutritionist, PGDip in Nutrition

Life long since childhood experience with healing herbs. Master of Science in Herbal Medicine from the University of Middlesex. Studied West European, Chinese, Ayrvedic, and North American herbs in connection to human health and illness. PGDip in Naturopathic Nutrition from College of Naturopathic Medicine. Combines traditional knowledge of healing herbs  with evidence-based herbal medicine. A member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.

Herbal apothecary, bespoke herbal medicine, consultations, tactical detox,
white label products service. 

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

It can help with

Why Medical Herbalism?


The use of herbal medicine to improve digestion dates back thousands of years.


Medicinal herbs have been used to enhance energy and fight fatigue since antiquity and even before


The medicinal properties of herbs make them powerful natural detoxifiers

Women's Health

Medicinal herbs can be used to help women's health and fertility naturally and without invasive procedures.  Herbs can boost libido and beauty at any age.

Weight Loss

Medicinal herbs are a natural way to control appetite and metabolism.


Regulating stress hormones and reducing stress can be achieved with herbs.


A man with high blood pressure on prescribed pharmaceutical drugs, acid reflux and sciatica.


Despite I was feeling healthy suddenly it was discovered that my blood pressure is high and I was put on prescribed blood pressure pills. Soon after I started having acid reflux and, in a year, I had sciatica which was very bad. A friend said that he knows one herbalist who helped him and suggested me to visit Natasha. I can’t find enough words to thank Natasha as my blood pressure normalised and other symptoms are decreasingnearly gone.”



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