Qualified  in Western Medical Herbalism (MSc) Middlesex University; Naturopathic Nutrition (PGDip) College of Naturopathic Medicine,  more than thirty years experience in herbal and holistic medicine.

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Testimonials for Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Treatments

A 43 years old woman, blood test revealed auto-antibodies to her thyroid gland, ongoing constipation, ongoing genital herpes, ongoing hemorrhoid, Athlete's foot, ongoing low energy, extreme sensitivity to cold and sleeplessness.

"Six months ago a friend recommended me to visit Natasha for a consultation. Now, after six months I sincerely would like to thank Natasha for professional, kind and considerable attitude to the the health problems that I had. After the first consultation, I realized that I came to very highly qualified specialist who professionally and attentively treats their patients. I would like to thank you for your help and the art of returning the lost quality of life! You helped me to regain lost health, joy of life and self-confidence! I am infinitely grateful to you and I pray for you!

I also admire how you manage to perfect your skills, constantly developing and using the very latest discoveries in your profession. My latest blood tests revealed that I am completely free from antibodies to my thyroid gland! I wish you good health, energy, great success and joy! I am blessed with destiny, for the fact that I got acquainted with you. Yours faithfully."  Natalie, Cambridgeshire

A 36 years old woman, about 20 years history of recurrent cystitis, constipation and amenorrhea.

"I no longer had any hope when I came to a consultation with Natasha. I lived for 20 long years in constant fear that the cystitis would suddenly appear, I had other problems, such as constipation and a lack of menstruation for 3, 6 months or more, but this did not cause me such pain as cystitis. I had very frequent cystitis attacks, and they were always accompanied by very severe pain.
I strictly followed the treatment plan and took all the herbal medicine that Natasha made for me. A month after, I felt much better, and now I'm healthy and free from cystitis. Everything from which I suffered was gone. Nothing helped me before with constipation, but the herbal prescription, which Natasha made for me is simply magnificent. My periods returned to normal. 
Natasha helped me to recover and understand the reasons for the health problems that I had for many years. I'm no longer afraid of attacks of cystitis, I have already begun to forget what it is all about. I wish I had found Natasha earlier." Emma, London

A 48 year old man, heavily snoring at night.

'My wife complained that I snore very heavily at night, and she recommended Natasha to me. I just want to say thank you so much. I never thought that snoring is possible to treat without operation, with herbs and nutrition. Friends were laughing at me when I told them that went to a herbalist to treat my snoring. I also was skeptical but I do not snore any more at night and my wife is very happy. I wouldn't hesitate at all recommending Natasha." Alex, London

A 73 years old woman, IBS, low energy, anxiety.

'I would like to say that first of all Natasha is a person who is gentle and understanding, and makes you feel confident in Natasha’s abilities. Herbs Natasha has prescribed for me have suited me and made me feel healthier than I first came for a consultation.' Pat, East Sussex

Practicing Medical Herbalist, member of National Institute of Medical Herbalists