Qualified  in Western Medical Herbalism (MSc) Middlesex University; Naturopathic Nutrition (PGDip) College of Naturopathic Medicine,  more than thirty years experience in herbal and holistic medicine.

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Herbal Medicine

What is a Medical Herbalist?

Medical Herbalists are make use of plants whose traditional uses are backed up by modern scientific research and clinical trials. Medical Herbalist study orthodox medicine and plant medicine, have BSc or MSc in herbal medicine and are trained in the same diagnostic skills as a GP. Medical Herbalists apply holistic approach to every individual case and treat their patients with herbal drugs. Medical Herbalists can produce herbal drugs and dispense them to their patients. Medical Herbalists are also trained in Functional and Integrative medicine. 

What are medicinal herbs?  

Medicinal herbs naturally produce within their structures different phyto-chemical agents; they use them for their own plant needs including protection from invaders (insects, bacteria). Each medicinal herb has an unique set of actions due to composition of an unique twist of phyto-chemical agents. Herbalists use those unique actions of medicinal plants as non invasive therapeutic tools when helping a patient to dealing with a malady or when simply aiming to sustain, prevent and strengthen someone's health. 

Is herbal medicine suitable for you? 

Herbal medicine is safe and suitable for everyone under a guidance of a professional medical herbalist. We humans are part of nature and our bodies know how to deal with complex phyto constituents that medicinal herbs are build by. Herbal medicine doesn't not produce side effects similar to conventional pharmaceuticals, if applied with knowledge. 

What are forms of herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine can be in forms of herbal pills or capsules, tinctures, infusions and decoctions, hydrosols, flower/leaves essences, essential oils, glycerites, ointments, salves & balms, lotions & creams, suppositories & boluses, herb jellos, poultices, powders and other.  

What can I offer?

I can offer herbal treatment plan based on bespoke  herbal remedies, individually devised and made for you. My approach is based on a twist of traditional herbal medicine with modern herbal medicine. I also can offer you a nutritional advice. 

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Practicing Medical Herbalist, member of National Institute of Medical Herbalists