Qualified  in Western Medical Herbalism (MSc) Middlesex University; Naturopathic Nutrition (PGDip) College of Naturopathic Medicine,  more than thirty years experience in herbal and holistic medicine.

T. +44 (0)  77 6075 5400
Hours  9PM - 5PM

Before your consultation starts, you will receive a detailed questionnaire that we will need during the consultation in order to focus on specific health issues that you would like to solve.

We will need to discuss your health history in detail in order to understand the causes which can be not directly related to an imbalance in a particular system of the body.

The treatment plan will include both herbal medicine and nutritional therapy. If this can help the treatment, you will be offered bespoke herbal remedies and also recommendations about nutritional supplements. Bespoke herbal remedies and nutritional supplements are not included in your consultation fee.

You may need an additional consultation, a follow up after your first consultation. At a follow-up we can discuss how your treatment is going and then we will make changes in accordance with how the whole situation is changing.

Main, first consultation will last between 1 and ½ hours and a follow-up last between 15 min to an hour. Usually people require 3 or 4 follow-ups, it can be less or more, depending on each individual health history and progress of treatment.

Your herbal medicine will be prepared for you individually. The ingredients are purchased in England from trusted suppliers

In general, herbal medicine is the most ancient method of treatment and has been and is used by all cultures on all continents. Many pharmaceutical drugs are and were primary made of plants. So known Aspirin is an effective medication but has unpleasant side effects.

As an example a medicinal plant from which Aspirin was primary derived, beautiful tree of Willow in a form of medicinal remedy has softer action and doesn’t produce similar to Aspirin side effects. It doesn’t mean that pharmaceutical drugs can be replaced by herbal medicine but herbal medicine does definitely have a niche and can be used along many allopathic (pharmaceutical) treatment plans or prescribed by qualified medical herbalists by its own.

Many people use herbs and nutritional supplements and self-prescribe but it is better to ask for an opinion of professional herbalist or nutritional therapist because we never receive our knowledge and degrees over a week or a month or even over a year.  

First consultation fee is 70 pounds over Skype or Zoom and a follow-up is 50 pounds.  I sorry I do not offer at the moment consultations where we meet as during 2 years of covid-19 restriction I found it is very convenient for a patient and practitioner to meet online and it saves a lot of time for both.

In some circumstances we can meet and I can offer you a test on VedaPulse professional high-tech devise. We can meet in Eastbourne or in London, Maida Vale. In person a consultation will be 100 or 200 pounds depending on location.

At completion I would like to add that in some cases, we can have a follow-up as a little 15 min chat over the phone, and if everything is clear to both of us regarding your treatment, you will receive your bespoke herbal remedies by post after your consultation.

Most convenient way of communication with me is e-mail, to start booking your consultation you will have to e-mail me your initials, e-mail, telephone and your question. I will text and call you back.

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 In person consultations  will be available when there are no more any masks requirements.

Health Optimising Clinic, 56 Maida Vale, London W9 1PP  about  2 minutes walk from Maida Vale tube station.

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Practicing Medical Herbalist, member of National Institute of Medical Herbalists