Qualified  in Western Medical Herbalism (MSc) Middlesex University; Naturopathic Nutrition (PGDip) College of Naturopathic Medicine,  more than forty years experience in herbal and holistic medicine.

T. +44 (0)  77 6075 5400
E-mails are preferred.
Hours  9PM - 5PM.

The consultations take place online and in Eastbourne. You will receive a detailed health questionnaire prior your consultation. This will increase consultation efficiency, since we will be able to focus on the area that needs treatment.  Your information is important in understanding the underlying causes of your condition and determining the best course of action.


Brief history of past and present medical history

Test results from recent or relevant tests

Dietary information OR a food diary

Your medication and/or supplements list


First consultation is 1 hour 30 minutes, £85

Follow-up 30 min, £55

Long covid-19, Borreliosis (Lyme), Multiple sclerosis, Myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS), Ankylosing spondylitis require 2 hours consultation, £130.



women's health, digestive and complicated autoimmune disorders, chronic stress and related conditions, blood pressure and cardio-vascular health, skin disorders, appetite disorders, conditions affecting joints, long covid-19.


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