Qualified  in Western Medical Herbalism (MSc) Middlesex University; Naturopathic Nutrition (PGDip) College of Naturopathic Medicine,  more than thirty years experience in herbal and holistic medicine.

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About Natasha

Daily rush, noise, air pollution, time pressure, pressure at work, fast food, coffee, no weekends and stress – these are just some of the parts of urban living that can ruin our health.

Living in a big city, I have experienced many of the above, when I arrived in London I enjoyed good health, however, in just a few years of having a busy city life, I started having a permanent, killing and crippling pain in my spine, which was with me day and night along with crushing fatigue.

After a series of tests and scans, I was prescribed steroid hormones and was told that I will have to live on them for the rest of my life. I was also told not to exercise or partake in sports.  I didn't receive any logical explanation about what was causing those symptoms.

I personally do not like drugs, I like to be active and luckily enough I was not complete stranger in holistic medicine because many years ago, when I was a child,  I witnessed how my mum cured herself from a terminal illness by means of herbs, fasting, juicing, detoxification and dieting . In addition to that my granny was a village healer, her mum and granny also were village healers, she wanted me to become a healer too but I never liked that idea. 

So, when I was prescribed steroid hormones for pain management, I understood that problem I had  was "a call", and I have to learn how to help myself, then to help other people. I decided to return to my roots, and I went to study nutritional science based on naturopathic (holistic) medicine. I knew I would find the underlying cause in my case but I wanted to understand the medical science behind traditional holistic medicine that I knew before.

I was very encouraged after I successfully helped myself and I decided to go deeper in evidence based modern science of medicinal plants. I was honored to receive Master of Science  in Western Herbal Medicine from the University of Middlesex, London, after I have successfully completed my studies. 

Now having more than thirty years of conscious experience in both holistic and evidence based medicine, I completely love what I do, and I like helping people. I feel like I heard "the call" and I returned to my roots. I was an eight years old child unconsciously helping my mum to gather herbs and prepare herbal medicine, I never thought that I ever will practice herbal medicine as profession. My childhood unconscious experience become conscious later in my life and finally it become my profession,  closely twisted with holistic traditions of wise women and men.  

I would like to thank you for taking time to read this and I do hope that whichever way you head, you feel and see the beauty of plant world that surrounds you and all human beings, at every step from prehistoric times.  

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Practicing Medical Herbalist, member of National Institute of Medical Herbalists